Kindness and Intention

Kindness and Intention

by Beach T. Weston
Just Beachie Column

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This story begins with a heavenly facial. An indulgence I allow myself on occasion. One of my mottos: Spoil yourself when you can. Give yourself treats—lots of delightful treats! We give our children and pets treats so why not give ourselves a few goodies. 

I was following my own advice—and with each pampered moment my worries scurried into the ether. I was in such a delightful Zen moment that if someone had rushed into the therapy room and shouted:  


I would not have moved a muscle…O.K.…so not true…I would have flitted like a butterfly to watch them perform. And I’m sure my facialist, Lilly, would have flitted with me.


Lilly was a young lady not more than twenty-five; her flawless skin was framed by lightly curled hair, wrapped in a perfect bun atop her head and adorned by a rainbow colored head band. Lilly was soft spoken, which added to the relaxing vibe as we discussed the latest Netflix movies, and one of our favorite topics…kindness.

“If everyone did one kind thing everyday, the world would be a better place,” Lilly calmly expressed while continuing to help my psyche transcend into euphoria.

“Ahhh! You are wise Grasshopper.” I said softly as I inhaled a lovely blend of lavender and vanilla essential oils.

What it would be like if everyone practiced kindness? How would the world transform?


As I enjoyed my blissfulness, I pondered on the possibility of what it would be like if everyone practiced kindness. How would the world transform? Perhaps, I thought, kindness could very well be the secret weapon to transform our troubled world into a peaceful world.

Fast forward one week: I’m standing in line at the drug store. There were three people ahead of me, and at the counter was an older gentleman (whom I shall refer to as Old Henry). Old Henry was as peaked as the contents of the Milk Of Magnesia bottle he was holding, which intensified his green eyes and his ruby colored nose. When the clerk finished ringing-up Old Henry’s items he asked for a plastic bag. The clerk explained that plastic bags were no longer issued—that it was a Hawai’i State Law passed to protect our marine life. Most of the people in line knew about this law and were in favor. For whatever reason, Old Henry didn’t get the memo. 

Poor old Henry in angry frustration asked the clerk how he was supposed to carry his items. The clerk apologized (several times) for not having a bag to give him as the line grew longer and the air became thick with impatience.  

I was half conscious of their conversation as I gripped my faded canvas bag, which over the years of shopping and laundering had turned an odd shade of blue. I would like to be able to say as I gripped my ratty-old-bag tighter that I was aware the entire time that the nicest and easiest thing to do was to give Old Henry my bag. However, I was in my own little world thinking about chocolate frogs and Unicorns. One of my Angels must have bonked me aside the head and whispered in my ear: Remember…practice kindness

“Sir,” came out of mouth before I realized I had spoken, “here…take my bag.”

Old Henry, not sure if I was serious, was taken aback and hesitated before taking my bag.

“It’s my pleasure,” I said.

Old Henry’s scowl turned to a smile as he thanked me. I felt happy that he was happy. The clerk was happy—and people in line were smiling. It was such a simple act of kindness and yet it was a powerful moment that shifted the negative energy to positive energy. A perfect reminder that the Universe doesn’t like complicated stuff. It responds to positive intention. Simple and easy is good.

Update on Lilly: I’m thrilled to say Lilly continues to be an ambassador for kind intention. Lilly doesn’t need an Angel to bonk her aside the head—she is a natural when it comes to helping make the world a happier place. A great example that no matter our age, we should ask ourselves the important question: 

What is the intention behind our action? 

The intention can be as simple as offering a moment of kindness. The action can be as easy as offering a ratty-old-blue-canvas-bag to a stranger. Whatever the kind intention, allow it to give joy. When you give joy, you feel wonderful! And when you feel wonderful, life is way more fun.

In peace, love and kind intention



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