Clearing A Path For A Stronger You

Clearing A Path For A Stronger You
By Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
(3 to 5 minute read)

Somewhere between my third cup of coffee and plopping my head back on the pillow, I checked my cell phone. The log list seemed to go on forever so I pressed the delete button. All would have been fine except I mistakenly deleted my contacts, not the logs. Technology challenged, I immediately called my carrier, and after an hour of allowing the agent on the other end to take control of my cell phone (checking the nooks n’ crannies supposedly hidden in The Cloud), I was told they were not able to retrieve the information.

I had not backed up anything—thought about it—but didn’t do it. From the words of screenwriter Eric Roth, Forrest Gump, “Are you stupid or something!?”

Yes, I was stupid, but in my defense, a sleepy-stupid.

Moe and Curly decided to have a night cocked full of ruckus: Jumping, running, slurping their water, chopping on their food, digging in their box, (not depositing) just having fun digging for nuggets. Oh joy!

For those of you who have cat buddies, you understand their behavior…their nocturnal habits. And for those of you who don’t have cats, I’m guessing you might be thinking…now I know why!

What!? The thought of Felis Domesticus lurking your halls doesn’t sound appealing?

I jest a bit—cats are magnificent creatures, but there are moments when you want to send them back to Ancient Egypt where they can guard King Tutankhamun’s treasures and let you rest in peace!

If this BIG Boo-Boo happened a couple of years ago, I might have put on a fireworks display fit for Her Majesty The Queen. But the interesting thing was…I felt…calm.

Calm! Shouldn’t I be panicking!?

For a few moments, I thought about mimicking the character, Carry Bradshaw in Sex and the City and freak-out just as she did when her computer crashed. “Oh my God! Oh my God! …my whole life was on that computer!” or in my case, “Oh my God! Oh my God! All my contacts were on my phone!”

Then I thought, not good to lose it, let’s leave the drama to Hollywood where it belongs.

I returned to my calm state.

Then an awakening.

Was it possible many of my contacts needed to go bye-bye? Was I in need of a cleansing? Was it time to release some of my “old” friends and work contacts and refresh them with people that mirror who I am today and not yesterday? The answer was a definite YES!

There can be many lessons from this story—perhaps as simple as–BACK-UP your work. DON’T press the delete button when you are tired or upset. THINK before you press a command.

Or perhaps the lesson is one of the irritating clichés: Everything happens for a reason, or every cloud has a silver lining. Nope! No annoying, overused thoughts.

For me, the lesson is similar to opening my closet in search of a I-know-you-are-in-there-somewhere garment—only to discover it’s no where to be found. Is it lost? Or is it time to organize the closet? For sure, not a fun task, but I know loosing twenty plus pounds of “stuff” will make me feel like a levitating feather against a sky of blue. Liberty! The unnecessary baggage emptied. And the result: A feeling of empowerment.

Next time something is lost or a situation has altered, take a moment to ponder; maybe the Universe is clearing a path for a stronger you. A more productive you. A happier you. And if not, let’s hope your cat buddies feel like a night of sleep, give you cuddles and help make everything in your world right again. If there is no Felis Domesticus to cuddle, there is always a good book to be read.

In peace, love, and freedom!

© Beach T. Weston

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