Winterize Your Pet

"As you get ready for cold weather, don’t let your pet fall victim to these fall hazards. Protect your pet all year long from unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Antifreeze and pets don’t mix. Your pet may be inclined to lick up this sweet tasting, but toxic chemical. Check the ground for spills after you use antifreeze, and store it safely out of reach.

Use rodenticides carefully. Rodenticides lure mice and rats, but they can also attract your pet. Read directions carefully and take precautions to keep your pet safe from these chemicals.
018 Candy is a “no-no.” Halloween candy and its wrappings can make your pet sick if ingested. Also, while jack-o-lanterns and maize are relatively non-toxic, they can upset your pet’s tummy.

Human medications can be harmful. They topped the ASPCA’s list of common hazards for the past few years. Be careful—your pet can grab a bottle off a counter or eat pills dropped on the floor.

If your pet does ingest poison, the ASPCA® Poison Control Center (APCC) can help at 1-888-426-4435."


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