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by Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
Spring 2018

Tis the lusty month of May.

When everyone is gay! Happy! Full of joy!

It’s a time when trees are in bloom and flowers have awakened from their winter beds. When lust (not love) hides and waits for the unsuspecting.

One of my favorite Musicals is Camelot where King Arthur and Queen Guenevere host a Castle Gala to welcome Spring. During the celebration, Guenevere sings The Lusty Month of May to entice her Kingdom to go astray. To take a whiff of lust as if it were a potent perfume.

I smell trouble.

As it turned out, Guenevere and Lancelot had plenty of trouble when they decide to have a ding-dong and break King Arthur’s heart.

Merlyn should have used his magic to explain that lust is highly overrated, and is often an ego driven libido on speed—igniting drama and upset just as it did for Lancelot and Guenevere. There was no happy ending, no riding off into the Sunset (more like riding away from being burned at the stake). Their lust simply became, “a fleeting wisp of glory”.

Personally, I prefer the word passion, for when used as enthusiasm for something you do, it makes life exciting! People, the colors of the world become more vibrant. Waking up in the morning is a pleasure. Whereas lust consumes.

Imagine a box of delicious chocolates or the best margarita you ever tasted. Delicioso! One just isn’t enough. One margarita turns into a few until your bottom slides off the barstool—and each indulgent, chocolatey bite brings you closer to a sugar overdose.

Lust is short-term, but passion, or love for something is a lifetime joy. An adventure, where the rewards are limitless. Passion enables you to inspire others, to explore new wonders, to enhance your character. Passion keeps your mind youthful. Playful.

I encourage everyone to find their passion(s). Art and classic films are two of my great loves. Art allows me to express myself freely and without judgement. Classic films take me away to magical places. Places I can revisit again and again—to eras long before my time.

The question is…will you be a bit naughty or be set free by the brilliance of passion?

I’m opting for freedom during the lusty month of May, for I know the splendor of passion will never let me down. Devotion to something I love will always fill my glass to the brim.

In Peace, love, and delightful passion (and possibly a whiff of Guenevere’s potent perfume).


© Beach T. Weston 2018

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Below is a cheeky version of “The Lusty Month of May”. If you can make it through the first minute of Guenevere portraying a tart, you might as well go for the entire fun! I warn you, it is kind of a contagious song. You might find yourself strolling in nature, humming with every step.


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