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The Sonny & Cher Comedy Show presented by Daiva K. Venckus

The Royals

Duke Sonny & Duchess Cher of Santa Monica


Change Your World

“To change your world all you
have to do is manage your thoughts and feelings on the inside of you, and then
your whole world changes.”  Rhonda Byrne

A Message From Sharkeyta



My diving buddy Sharkeyta
wanted me to post this message from Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sharkeyta says “we
are pretty cool, not as scary as we look. Please logon to
find some love for us sharks.”


“Sharks help balance ocean
ecosystems, which we depend upon for our food and our livelihoods. Simply put,
sharks help keep the oceans healthy, and that's critical for a healthy and
prosperous planet.

Beyond these practical reasons, sharks have inspired us and captured our
imaginations since the dawn of humanity. Sharks swam the oceans before
dinosaurs walked the land, and they've survived and thrived—until now.

Today, most of the world's sharks are in serious peril.

Overfishing, habitat destruction, and other human
activities including shark finning are decimating shark populations around the

But we can turn this tide.

The Monterey
Bay Aquarium
is in a race to help protect sharks and other
endangered ocean wildlife. In addition to our research and advocacy work, our
aim is to inspire our visitors and supporters to conserve the oceans and ocean
animals we all love.”                                      

Please Adopt, Spay & Neuter


“Approximately five to seven million adoptable dogs and cats enter animal
nationwide each year. Of those, approximately three to four
million are needlessly euthanized simply due to a lack of space or resources to
adequately care for them.

Overpopulation is the leading cause of
unnecessary euthanasia. This is largely due to an inadequate number of
spayed and neutered pets
, even among those living with otherwise
responsible pet parents. Experts estimate that half of all puppies and
three-quarters of all kittens born in the U.S. are the result of unplanned


"This sweet adoptable Aloha dog is Mikey from Maui.
He’s a male German Shorthaired Pointer—approximately 3 years old. He weighs
about 57 lbs. Mikey is extremely affectionate—just a big giant teddy bear.
Although he needs some more work on walking in a straight line, he still loves
when he gets to venture out on a leash."

All shelter animals need is
extra TLC just like you and me.

Please consider
adopting a pet from an animal shelter and Please
Please Please
spay or neuter your pets. Mahalo!

Give Mother Earth Some LOVE


Mammoth Mountain,
one of the
top Ski Resorts in California is doing its part to help the
environment. During the 2009-2010
ski season they
began using custom printed compostable hot cups and coffee sleeves. They have a
composting program and full recycling program to service the 12 food &
beverage locations at the resort.

According to Caroline Casey of Mammoth
, choosing the
manufacturer was a relatively easy decision guided by their distributor.
Regarding the artwork and overall product performance Casey also commented,
"We've been very happy with Eco-Products."

owners say an ethical obligation and desire to be identified as eco-friendly
fuel their decisions to adopt green technologies more than a belief that such
investments will pay off in real dollars, according to a new study conducted by
Miami-based Retail Systems Research in partnership with Nation's Restaurant

pass the word. Please tell your employers, friends, and your favorite restaurants
about Eco-Products. Give Mother Earth some LOVE.


Bch Honu Framed


BCh Beach's Nest Framed