My Gift to You!
Take hold of your favorite pen and let the lively and colorful journey begin!
These journal pages are excertps from Jazzy Journaling, a Joyful Journey to Empowered Enlightenment, gifted to you from Beach T. Weston.
Beach T. Weston
About the Author
Beach T. Weston is author of the Just Beach Column and Audio. This column is delightfully sprinkled with entertainment and light humor—written to inspire discussion, encourage a compassionate relationship with yourself, others, animals, and the Earth.
About Jazzy Journaling
Jazzy Journaling is a soon- to-be released book by Beach T. Weston.
These journal pages and excerpts will take you on a lovely adventure full of joy, hope and renewal.
When Jazzy Journaling, you are free to explore your imagination and embrace the brilliance that is waiting to come forth from within.
Jazzy Journaling
Copyrights © Beach T. Weston
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