Listening to Heart Spirit

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“Heart Spirit” (is a watercolor and ink conversation between Mary Jane Casey and Beach T. Weston)

By Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”

The heart is an amazing organ. A biological wonder! It’s purpose is to pump the blood through the body; providing tissue with oxygen and nutrients, and eliminate wastes. To have a healthy body we need a healthy heart.

We also need to have another kind of healthy heart. The heart I’m speaking of is not an organ, it is an intangible presence. You’ve heard expressions such as, heart and soul, get to the heart of the matter, and my fav, follow your heart.

These expressions refer to what I call, the Heart Spirit, or as Mom use to say, “Listen to your little voice.” The Heart Spirit is more like an inner-guidance system. A quiet, secret message you receive from the Universe, God or whatever your personal beliefs. The Universe privately contacts you; giving instruction, advice, and enlightenment.

The Heart Spirit keeps us on a smoother path—less rocks and annoying pot-holes. Listening to the Heart Spirit attracts tranquility and fulfillment—it’s brilliance is constantly feeding us direction:

I recently attended an event that was a challenge for me. I spent months prior contemplating my attendance. Should I? Shouldn’t I? These questions swarmed through my mind daily for months. The Universe subtly kept trying to get my attention, but I was too busy letting negative scenarios take over my thoughts.

Thank goodness for Divine persistence. I finally relaxed, and let my Heart Spirit direct me to the right path. It was not easy. A bit painful at times. However, I’m glad I attended. Everything turned out well minus a few (bumps and hiccups). In the end, I was rewarded with much happiness and enlightenment. The results from choosing to attend is why I sincerely believe that every message, every feeling from the Heart Spirit is designed to help us stay on track. To help us live a happy, healthy life.

Let’s compare the Heart Spirit to the internet:

When your internet is connected properly, and working at high speed it’s easy and fun to move around cyber space. Watch videos, chat and send messages to friends and family. And you are free to share your unique, one-of-a-kind, Selfie.

Anger, frustration, a sense of isolation, and a lot of naughty words consume our energy when we loose connection to the internet—that’s when chaos becomes our counsel.

The same thing happens when the connection to the Heart Spirit fails. All-mayhem-breaks-loose. Our individual compass goes South…we often become confused and make bad decisions.

While writing this column, I tapped into my Heart Spirit and asked how should I complete this piece? How should I finish in a way that would inspire my readers to pleasantly connect to their Heart Spirit.

A whisper said the following:

Have your readers close their eyes, and listen to their body, and not the voices and situations of the world. Every time an unwanted thought appears—tell it to go away! Skedaddle! Hasta la bye-bye!

Let this connection be a time to concentrate only on the body. Ask a question or just be still and let the secret message arrive.

How was your experience?

How did it feel?

Did you receive a message?

No worries if you didn’t, the important thing is you found it to be gratifying, and experienced great moments of peace, for peace is invaluable.

The next time you think of the word heart, please remember you have two hearts, and each should be nurtured and kept strong. Think of them as Soul Mates—one helps complete the other.

In the words of Grandmother Willow, (Pocahontas).
“Listen with your heart, you will understand.”

In Peace, Love and Heart (the little voice within),

© Beach T. Weston 2016

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