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HAPPY Birthday America!

Sonny and Cher say:
Happy Birthday America!

Come on humans…let’s celebrate with veggie dogs!

And please humans, don’t forget to take extra good care of us critters on the 4th. We get really scared from fireworks and sometimes run away. So please keep us indoors where we can feel safe and comfortable. Thank you!

4th july s and c copy WM

Sonny and Cher Comedy

Sonny says:

It’s Saturday…time to scratch my bum! And then a snack…please!

time to scratch my butt copy WM

Sonny and Cher Comedy

Sonny and Cher say, “Have a peaceful week…look at us, not a care in the world. But we are getting a little hungry for our afternoon snack. Where is our human!?”

sc lounging in sun copy WM

Sonny and Cher Comedy

Iloveyou with waterstamp and heart

I just want to tell you that I love you.


stinky gas issues copy with watermark

Sonny says, “My stinky gas issues can’t be that bad…”
Cher says, “Do I really have to be here?”


Sonny & Cher Comedy


Cher says "It's nice to be sitting right on the Westminster Abby altar with the royal Corgis. This is soooo romantic…"
Sonny says "If I don't get a snack soon I'm gonna pass out. I wonder if it's true the Queen's Guard's tall furry hats are made of bear. I'm gonna jump up and take a bite of that bear meat…"


Cher: "Sonny! You can't wear THAT to the Royal Wedding! Please don't embarrass me in front of the Queen's royal Pembroke Welsh Corgis."
Sonny: "Well, my Armani tux is fitting a little tight these days and this covers up my thighs. Besides, I'll just blend in with the rest of the royal knights…"

Sonny & Cher Comedy

I'm proud to be Lituanian American
Sonny says "I'm proud to be Lithuanian"

Sonny & Cher Comedy

Sonny says "I'm thinking I could use a snack just about now…"

Sonny & Cher Comedy


Sonny and Cher were starting to smell like Fritos therefore they needed to take a bath in their custom Chihuahua-sized Victorian claw-foot bathtub

Sonny & Cher Comedy

Sonny says, "Seriously? How is a bad-ass guard dog like me supposed to sleep surrounded by all these flowers? Can't I get a pillow with some skulls or battleships instead?"

Sonny & Cher Comedy


Cher asks "do we really have to go for a walk now? I am perfectly fine with pooping in my regular spot in the hallway…"