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Joy and Gratitude

By Beach T. Weston Just Beachie Column (3 to 5 min read) Have you ever sized up a stranger within seconds based on their clothes, hair, teeth, shoes, height, weight? Anything that made them different from what society refers to as being “normal”. Or were you the one that was being scrutinized? Judged? As I pursue my lifelong quest of trying to be more conscious and kind, I find there are moments when I fall back into the judgmental thinking (for others and myself). But in my defense (or so I tell myself) it can be a real challenge to […]

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Let Laughter Rock Your World!

Find Your Funny Bone by Beach T. Weston “Just Beachie Column” (3 minute read) Have you ever experienced a good belly laugh? A laugh so hardy it brought tears of joy? A laugh so grand it transported you to a place of bliss? I have…many times. I love to laugh! For me, a day without laughter would be like eating a salty, two-day-old sardine and pickle sandwich. Yuck! A day full of laughter is like eating a homemade vegan cherry pie. Yum! Think about what a day with laughter is like for you? And what is a day without laughter […]

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Clearing A Path For A Stronger You

Moe and Curly decided to have a night cocked full of ruckus. Jumping, running, slurping their water, chopping on their food, digging in their box, (not depositing) just having fun digging for nuggets. Oh joy!

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The End of Self-Sabotage and the Beginning of Something Beautiful

Are you honoring yourself? And what does honoring yourself mean?

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Glorious Trees

Have you ever felt melancholy or distraught, but when you gazed upon, or touched a tree your angst disappeared? If even for a moment, a feeling of peace was restored…

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The Lady And The Sugar Ghost!

The idea of phantoms, and paranormal activity peaks during the month of October as we begin to plan our Halloween parties, costumes, and the trip to a Superstore—where the shelves are lined with enough candy to fuel Dracula’s winged flight back to his Bran Castle in Transylvania. In the spirit of ghosts and ghoulish delights, I refer back to my (March 2016) column when I wrote a story told to me by a friend entitled: “Don’t Ya Just Love a Good Ghost Story?” To this day I have no idea if he was telling a tall tale or a true […]

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Listening to Heart Spirit

You have two hearts, and each should be nurtured. Think of them as Soul Mates—one helps complete the other. The Heart Spirit sends a quiet, secret message you receive from the…

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You will like these great questions to ask your yourself, friends and co-workers about compassion…whatever the thoughts, it will make for an enlightening discussion.

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Put On Your Dancin’ Shoes

I recently attended a Disco Gala. Everyone dressed in Vintage Disco and seriously danced the night away. During the dance, memories of Disco came flooding back to me….men wore tight-fitting, shiny shirts, bell-bottom, polyester pants, and white boots stylin’ nothing less than a five inch heal…

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Lust is short-term, but passion, or love for something is a lifetime joy. An adventure, where the rewards are limitless. Passion enables you to inspire others, to explore new wonders, to enhance your character. Passion keeps your mind…

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