Colorful Art Journaling: An Escape to a Happy, Magical Place

Colorful Art Journaling: An Escape to a Happy, Magical Place This is the story of how I pursued positivity until I found a creative outlet with Colorful Art Journaling. Enjoy the story, have a chuckle, and try out the vegan glue recipe too! It’s been a gas crack of a year—the beginning of the new norm. All aboard the Corona Coaster! Warning: Before boarding, drench yourself in Purell, tighten your masks, and prepare for a loop-di-loop of a ride. I’m not a roller coaster fan…but, I think I’d rather ride Japan’s Takabisha and hurl a few cookies as I pray […]

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Flip-Flop Intuition

Flip-Flop Intuition By Beach T. WestonJust Beachie Column Many of us enjoy an evening walk with our beloved doggies—it’s a time when the chaos of the day has settled—we relax and enjoy the pleasantries of the night. A warm summer breeze helps heighten our senses as we listen to the soothing night music—an orchestra of creatures—each flawlessly synchronized with perfect pitch. On one such evening, I was partaking in a stargazing stroll with my tail-wagging friend, Oliver. We were as happy as a pig in the poppies as he tinkled on one of his favorite palm trees. Both of us…content. […]

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Kindness and Intention

Kindness and Intention by Beach T. WestonJust Beachie Column (5 minute read) This story begins with a heavenly facial. An indulgence I allow myself on occasion. One of my mottos: Spoil yourself when you can. Give yourself treats—lots of delightful treats! We give our children and pets treats so why not give ourselves a few goodies.  I was following my own advice—and with each pampered moment my worries scurried into the ether. I was in such a delightful Zen moment that if someone had rushed into the therapy room and shouted:   “LADY GAGA AND BRADLEY COOPER ARE AT THE FRONT […]

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Seek Joy. Seek Peace.

 “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until me make peace with ourselves”  ~Buddha~  Seek Joy. Seek Peace. by Beach T. Weston Just Beachie Column (5 minute read) One of my favorite stories began twenty-five hundred years ago. There are many delightful versions, but for me, I found the following to be the most engaging: The story begins with an Indian Queen’s dream of her unborn Child. In her dream, a snowy white Elephant offered her a pink lotus flower—with love—she accepted the gift. And with love—the white Elephant became one with the beautiful Queen. The Queen shared […]

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Blame it on the Retrograde!

Should fear and the planet’s motions dictate our behavior? Is it sensible to be Chicken Little and run around shouting, “the sky is falling…the sky is falling!” Or should we just “pop it with a hatpin!”. And if that doesn’t work…

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Is It Fate Or Is It Destiny?

Is It Fate Or Is It Destiny? by Beach T. Weston “Just Beachie Column” Fridays in Hawai’i are always referred to as Aloha Friday—give us any excuse to end the week with the shorebreak at our side, friendship, and Happy Hour. It’s one of the joys of living in paradise (or visiting paradise). It was on one of those perfect Aloha Fridays. The Palm trees catching the balmy breeze as if they were saying look how beautifully I dance the Hula. I seized the charm of the moment and presented two questions to my aloha friends.  Do you believe in […]

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Feed me Facebook! Feed me! FEED ME NOW!!!

Feed me Facebook! Feed me! FEED ME NOW! By Beach T. Weston “Just Beachie Column” Scrolling through my feed, I was dismayed to see an unexpected announcement from my friend: “I’m deeply concerned,” she wrote, “with personal privacy on social media and I might close my Facebook account.” Of course, her Facebook community responded: “What!? No…we love you and your posts…please don’t leave us!” My friend, whom I shall call Merriam, is a nice person—she doesn’t post mean videos or comments—and to realize such a positive person was experiencing a difficult choice was a shocking moment for many of us […]

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Great People

Who are the “great people” in your life? What contribution are they making to your life? And what contribution are you making to their lives?…

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Seek Wonderment

One of the keys to creating a better year, and a better life is to seek wonderment. Seek people, activities and places that encourage awed admiration. When you are open to astonishment…

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Gifts From The Heart

Gifts From The Heart By Beach T. Weston A Christmas gift from Just Beachie  Spirituality is precious—especially during the holidays. Being of good spirit isn’t just enjoying a nice glass of champagne. Being of good spirit is the extra love and thoughtfulness that we extend. In Just Beachie’s perfect world, Santa would deliver a sleigh full of glittering holiday hearts—spreading love and peace to the world. Each glimmering heart Santa delivered would be a reminder to give gifts from the heart. Gifts from the heart can be the most rewarding and often won’t cost you a dime—just a bit of […]

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