A Great Day for the Oceans!

Last week, California took a momentous step to protect the health of our coastal waters. The state Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to create a series of new marine protected areas off the north coast.

Their vote completed the nation’s first statewide network of protected areas in coastal waters—from Mexico to the Oregon border—one of the largest natural resource management efforts ever.

This is an incredible achievement, made possible in no small part because of you and your support for the Aquarium as we championed this cause for more than a decade.

Monterey Bay Aquarium has worked with a coalition of conservation organizations, fishermen and businesses to assure that future generations will reap the benefits of setting aside hundreds of square miles of rich ocean habitats where sea life can thrive undisturbed. These protections will have far-reaching impacts as scientists around the world are demonstrating that the benefits of marine protected areas can extend far beyond their boundaries, in many cases helping to repopulate depleted fishing waters nearby and ensuring healthy ecosystems for ocean wildlife.

California leads the nation in safeguarding its ocean heritage, thanks to visionary leadership and a lot of hard work by many, many people. montereybayaquarium.org


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