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Seek Wonderment

Seek Wonderment
By Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
January 2018
(3 to 5 minute read)

Happy New Year! Or as we say in Hawaii: Hau’ Oli Makahiki Hou! (“how-oh-lay ma-ka-hee-key ho!”) I know, it’s a mouthful, but it’s a delightful way to start the new year off with happiness and love—with excitement and inspiration.

Happiness, love, excitement and inspiration are four great words: The question is…are you feeling the excitement 2018 is offering? Are you feeling the new year’s inspiration? Are you bubbling over with love and happiness?

As are many of us, I wasn’t sure I was feeling the new year’s exciting possibilities until my recent Christmas time visit to “The City by the Bay”, San Francisco. The holiday spirit was everywhere: Union Square hosted a Holiday Ice Skating Rink, serving hot chocolate and enough smiles to warm anyone’s heart. Christmas trees adorned with lavish lighting, shop windows dressed in holiday sparkle beckoned customers to buy their merchandise, and musicians strategically placed—merrily singing beloved Christmas carols.

It was on a clear, crisp San Francisco afternoon, I took a cable car down to Fisherman’s Wharf and strolled the piers—ending at Aquatic Park (Hyde Street Pier). It was a time of reflection as I pondered my goals for 2018.

In my pleasant, pensive state, I enjoyed the activity along the shoreline: People laughing, holding hands, children flipping cartwheels, locals walking their dogs—it was a peaceful, good spirited environment. The site that mesmerized me most was a group of swimmers from The Dolphin Swim and Boat Club (established in 1877). Each swimmer breaststroked their way back and forth across the Aquatic Park bay.

The Dolphin Club, whose motto is: “Swimming is cold fun!”, have been honored for their bay swims (including their annual “Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon”), despite fog, strong currents, fish that might nibble on their toes, and chilly waters (temperatures ranging from 56 to 58 degrees and wearing no wetsuits…burr-ski!).

For observers, like myself, the swimmer’s vigor was contagious…pure delight. I was given hope that even in these tumultuous times, people and nature can blend in brilliance. It was the inspiration I needed to wake my spirit up and give it a shot of adrenaline.

Sensational ideas and joy flooded my mind and body. Thanks to the swimmers, I realized one of the keys to creating a better year, and a better life was to seek wonderment. Seek people, activities and places that encourage awed admiration. When you are open to astonishment—happiness, love, and inspiration become an exciting new reality.

Despite the perplexities of our current world, I believe it’s important to take moments every day to be aware, be curious, find the winsomeness in new adventures. Write notes to yourself and place around your home, car, in your handbag—and if that doesn’t work, tape one to your forehead! The goal is to remind you daily to look for your wonderment, for the beauty of wonderment is everywhere.

“Seek and you shall find”. Inspiration and peace will follow.

In love, peace, and wonderment,

© Beach T. Weston 2018

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12 Gifts From The Heart

gifts from the heart

Gifts From The Heart
By Beach T. Weston
Just Beachie Column
December 2017
(3 to 5 min read)

Santa Claus is coming to town! Are you ready!? Have you made your list and checked it twice? Have you been naughty? Or have you been nice? In my case a little of both, but I don’t think Santa will hold it against too many of us for being a little naughty. The big guy in the red suite is probably a bit naughty himself—Mrs. Claus reports that he tracks soot all through the house and LOVES to devour cookies year round. Ho Ho Ho!

I love the merriment of the holidays—it’s a great time to celebrate with people that you enjoy and love. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another loving holiday there is always the hustle and the bustle, the shopping lists, the parties, and devouring food and libation until you pop! It can be exhausting.

Perhaps this is why spirituality is so vital during the holidays. Being of good spirit isn’t just enjoying a nice glass of champagne. Being of good spirit is the extra love and thoughtfulness that we extend.

In my perfect world, there would be a limit placed on Corporate Christmas, and Santa would deliver a sleigh full of glittering holiday hearts—spreading love and peace to the world. Each heart Santa delivered would be a reminder to give gifts from the heart. Gifts from the heart can be the most rewarding and often won’t cost you a dime—just a bit of your time and a cup of good cheer.

During this joyous season, I encourage you to spread a little extra benevolence. Give the holiday love to as many people, places, and animals as you can. Truly, the smallest of gestures can be the biggest of gifts:

gifts from the heart

May your beautiful holiday be full of great joy and peace,
Mele Kalikimaka! Merry Christmas from Hawaii!

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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Opening the Door to Joy and Gratitude

The Power of Kind Thoughts
By Beach T. Weston
Just Beach Column
November 2017
(3 to 5 min read)

Have you ever sized up a stranger within seconds based on their clothes, hair, teeth, shoes, height, weight? Anything that made them different from what society refers to as being “normal”. Or were you the one that was being scrutinized? Judged?

As I pursue my lifelong quest of trying to be more conscious and kind, I find there are moments when I fall back into the judgmental thinking (for others and myself). But in my defense (or so I tell myself) it can be a real challenge to constantly be thinking only positive thoughts. The little Devil and the little Angel that sit on my shoulders often duke it out.

One such situation happened while visiting one of my favorite hotels in all of Hawai’i: A stunning oasis on Waikiki Beach, nestled amongst towering resorts stands The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, also referred to as The Pink Palace. Allow me to give you a sense of The Pink Palace’s charm: She opened her doors on February 1, 1927—it was a celebration unmatched by any of Hollywood’s fancy soirées. The rich and the famous boarded a Matson steamship (the only transportation at the time to Honolulu) in anticipation of being one of the first guests to stay at The Pink Palace. And yes, she is the pinkest hotel you will probably ever see—her stunning decor was inspired by the “Latin Lover” of the 1920’s silent screen, Rudolph Valentino. Every detail of the Spanish-Moorish style was handcrafted with love not only for Valentino, but the color pink!

After an afternoon of enjoying Honolulu’s fast, furious and fun shopping, (and I exaggerate not—Honolulu’s energy is like a kid after eating a gallon of C&H sugar). Seriously…it’s crazy-fun! But I can only take the whirlwind of activity for so long before I need relaxation…tranquility…pink!

I strolled from the bustle to the enchanted grounds of The Pink Palace and was immediately drawn to the turquoise shoreline of the infamous Waikiki Beach—where the Mai Tai Bar, shaded by a colony of pink umbrellas, beckoned me to enjoy a cool drink. As I played happy tourist and sipped on my decadent punch a woman parked herself on the stool to the left of me. She was dressed in a wrinkled, short sleeved Hawaiian shirt—frumbled tan trousers—and black, sturdy laced shoes. Her weathered face was framed by stringy, salt and pepper hair in need of a good wash and cut.

The naughty little Devil piped up, I thought she is quite the character! Thank goodness it was only a few minutes before the little Angel retrieved my attention and reminded me that there was more to this woman than her exterior. And just as I began to think about the woman’s goodness, the bartender gaily greeted her not only as a valued customer, but a longtime friend. It was then she began to talk about her business in Hawaii and on the mainland. Turned out she was a lawyer, owned property in Hawaii and a successful hotel in California—but more importantly, she was a pleasant person. A thoughtful person. An authentic person. I quickly scolded myself for momentarily falling prey to society’s stigma of what we “should” look like or “should” act like. I have been on the receiving end of merciless judgement, which made my self-reflection even more relevant.

I will forever remember the woman at the Mai Tai Bar—the experience reminded me that we are not always what we appear to be—and who we are today, may not be who we will be in the future.

The person who is a fat cat or a penniless bum today may not be that person tomorrow. The person today who is a plain Jane or gorgeous and chic may not be that person tomorrow. Life has a way of sometimes equalizing our status; it only takes one storm to demolish a neighborhood. One bad experience to bring someone to their knees. And one kind thought to turn judgement into non-judgement. When we practice non-judgement, we open the door for joy and gratitude.

In peace, love, and kind thoughts for ourselves and others,

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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Let Laughter Rock Your World!

Find Your Funny Bone
by Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
September 2017
(3 minute read)

 Have you ever experienced a good belly laugh? A laugh so hardy it brought tears of joy? A laugh so grand it transported you to a place of bliss?

I have…many times. I love to laugh! For me, a day without laughter would be like eating a salty, two-day-old sardine and pickle sandwich. Yuck! A day full of laughter is like eating a homemade vegan cherry pie. Yum!

Think about it: What is a day with laughter like for you? And what is a day without laughter like for you?

Currently, the world is experiencing many difficult challenges. There seems to be more fear, anger, and unhappiness. I believe we can transform many of our unpleasant affairs through laughter. Laughter can heal yourself, others…the world! Laughter is not only the best medicine, but one of the best cures. Jovial laughter can transform fear to fearless. Anger to love. And Unhappiness to happiness.

The amount of research on the benefits of laughter is astounding: From Harvard, to UCLA, to Mayo Clinic, to name a few, have all concluded that laughter can instantly lower your blood pressure—and help you stand strong against infections by maintaining a healthy flow of antibodies in the blood stream. These are the good guys standing guard to fight off the bad guys such as bacteria and viruses. Studies also revealed that laughter can quickly reduce, even eliminate stress. And we all know when stress hormones are in control our concentration flies South—our memory turns to mush—and our anxiety takes us on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. In other words, if you are STRESSED-OUT…laugh! And keep laughing until you feel happy.

Pretend laughter is a magic wand, and imagine a Magician waving the magic-laughter-wand across a box containing a picture of a sad face. Abracadabra! The box is empty. Another wave of his wand. Abracadabra! The box contains a picture of a happy face. Sounds simple and maybe silly to some, but if you have ever been down-in-the-dumps and someone or something makes you laugh—abracadabra!—whatever was bothering you is dispelled or at least the angst is lessened.

When we die it’s assumed by many that the question(s) should be: Were you a good person? Did you contribute to humanity? And the biggie: Were you loved and did you give love? All great questions, but perhaps the most important question(s) should be: Did you laugh? Did you giggle, chuckle, and titter until your belly hurt? And did you laugh with heart?

The Universe has given us the precious gift of laughter so let’s use it—everyday. Find your funny bone; watch funny movies, watch funny Tele, read funny books, hang with funny people (good people), play with your pets (pets love to make you laugh), draw funny pictures—be open to new ways to laugh: I’ve heard Laughter Yoga can be quite fun. If it makes you laugh and feel good about yourself…go for it!

In peace, love, and many hearty chuckles,
P.S. Remember the scene in Walt Disney’s film Mary Poppins when Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane, and Michael Banks uncontrollably laughed their way to the ceiling to join Uncle Albert for a spot of tea? If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. And if you have, watch it again! It’s guaranteed to give you giggles…lots and lots of giggles.

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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Kickin’…A Short Story by Beach T. Weston








In lieu of  my August 2017 “Just Beachie Column”, I invite you to read my latest short story KICKIN’(Just Beachify your inbox and receive a free copy).

Beach’s Note:

There will always be a special place in my heart for Virginia City, and I proudly share my love for this historic landmark with my latest short story, KICKIN’.

As a child, I spent many a day holding my mother’s hand as we explored the town that once boomed with cowboys, gun fights, brawls and miners striking it rich. Decked-out in cowboy hats and boots we’d stroll down C Street—our first stop, the candy store. Mom would treat me to sparkling blue rock candy and freshly made, melt-in-your-mouth, fudge. We’d top the afternoon off with a Shirley Temple at the Delta Saloon: My feet dangled off the barstool while I giggled with mom and sipped my fancy red (children’s) cocktail. When you’re a kid pretending to be a cowgirl in the old West, it’s a mighty refreshing way to end a hot summer’s day.

KICKIN’ is a fun tale that will transport you back to the Wild West with two characters that believe in friendship, their daily sarsaparilla and their favorite pass-time…kicking.

Kick your boots up,  and enjoy!

In Love and Great Fun!

P.S. Stay tuned, September’s “Just Beachie Column” will be posted soon!

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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Seek Joy. Seek Peace.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until me make peace with ourselves”

Finding Peace
by Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
July 2017
(5 minute read)

One of my favorite stories began twenty-five thousand years ago. There are many versions of this story, but to me this is the most beautiful: A beautiful Indian Queen dreamt of her unborn child. In her dream, a white Elephant offered her a pink lotus flower—with love—she accepted the gift. And with love—the white Elephant became one with the beautiful Queen. From the Queen’s dream, the Indian Gurus predicted the Queen would have a son and he would grow to be a man of great wisdom—of great significance to many kingdoms.

Nine months after the Queen’s dream she gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama—known to the world as Buddha, The Enlightened One.

The King was saddened by the loss of his beautiful Queen, (dying shortly after giving birth to Prince Siddhartha). The King compensated his dispirit and his son’s loss by fulfilling his every desire. Siddhartha ate excellent food and wore beautiful clothes—he wanted for nothing. He had no pain and no worries. It was as if he held a magic wand and poof! His wishes instantly appeared.

Shortly after his 29th birthday, Siddhartha followed a strong urge to explore the country outside the walls of his secure domain. The unaware Prince was shocked by his experience; he saw misery and pain—elements of the human condition that were kept from him in his perfect, protected Palace.

Siddhartha continued to secretly visit the outside world: On one such trip he met a Sage, and it was that fated meeting when he began to question why people had to suffer.

At twenty-nine years old, in grieve and inner-torment, Siddhartha left his wife, son, and father—he abandoned his life of luxury—and stealthily rode off into the night in quest of answers.

Siddhartha lived as a pauper. He possessed not a penny—he had no place to live—even begged for food. But his spiritual hunger was far greater than his indigent circumstances. Years passed as Siddhartha went from one Guru to another, meditation to meditation, but he found no peace, only greater intensified suffering. Siddhartha was near death from starvation when he rested alongside a river shaded by a Bodhi Tree.

In his fragile state, Siddhartha recalled a childhood memory when he sat with his Father alongside another river bank, under a Rose Apple Tree. He remembered the profound connection he had with nature that day. He remembered the joy and peace.

For days, Siddhartha remained under the Bodhi Tree. He sat and meditated until he realized the answers to the questions he was seeking came from within—this is when he transformed to Buddha, The Enlightened One.

Recently, I also discovered peace in a strange, unexpected way. No, I did not denounce all my worldly goods and go sit under a tree (as did Siddhartha), but I did plop myself on my couch with a box of kleenex and cold medicine for several days.

At first, I felt the pressure. The anxiety of tech-disconnect, writing-disconnect, and household-chores-disconnect. I didn’t have the oomph to do anything but be a couch potato and do one of my favorite things…watch classic movies. Comedies, drama, noir, documentaries, black and white film, color film—I couldn’t get enough! The couch was my command-post and movies were my magical escape. After the third day, I realized how wonderful it felt to let go…to be gratis from worry. The strongest attachment I had was with a box of kleenex and my love of film. It was glorious! Peace consumed me in a delightful way—I was living (as Eckhart Tolle says) in The Now. The peaceful feeling reminded me of joyful moments from childhood: Eating a bowl of summer cherries under an old Oak tree. And hanging upside down on the monkey bars, my curls free to dance with the breeze.

I can only guess my head-cold-epiphany and childhood memories were a taste of what Buddha felt when he sat under the Bodhi Tree and recalled a pleasant moment from childhood.

Thank goodness he did sit under the Bodhi Tree. And thank goodness he transformed from a seeker to an Enlightened One. Buddha’s path of struggles and successes helped lead the way for many of us to achieve our own personal enlightenment…to achieve our own peace.

Let’s be real; our lives today are fast-paced and stressful. We are consumed by the chaotic happenings often out of our control. Perhaps this is why it’s so important to connect with our inner-guidance. To find moments that make our heart smile. To find moments when the frustration and responsibilities of our crazy world…cease.

Questions: Should we follow the chaotic happenings outside our being? Or is Buddha’s belief that turning inward for peace the best choice? Will seeking answers from within offer unearthly knowledge and joy beyond our expectations?

For me, the word Buddha is a powerful reminder to seek truth from within—to seek joy—to seek peace. His spirit encourages everyone to sit under a lovely tree, meditate, and be one with nature. To watch movies. To laugh. To eat bowls of cherries. And maybe, with great care, hang upside down on the monkey bars.

In Love, and Peace

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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Blame it on the Retrograde!

Credit: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington

Blame it on the Retrograde!
by Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
May 2017
(reposted for the final Mercury Retrograde December 2-22, 2017)
(3 to 5 minute read)

Have you been feeling somewhat out-of-sorts lately? Projects stalled? Communication faux pas? Did you send a saucy text that was meant for your Cousin Lou, but instead you sent it to your Aunt Mildred, whom you’ve nicknamed Aunt Prude? Or maybe out-of-the-blue you remembered an old flame—someone so icky that if you had to do it over again you would rather eat the poisonous apple the Witch offered Snow White?

Let’s blame it on the retrograde!

I hear your questions: What in the blazes is a retrograde!? And why blame an astrological phenomenon?

In the astrological world, there are certain times of the year when planets appear to travel backwards. Astrologers say it’s an illusion, a planet’s motion, which they refer to as retrogrades.

Retros, can stir up all kinds of complications. We just ended a Mercury retrograde—(April 9th-May 3rd)—it was a humdinger. If at times you felt confused—frustrated—if your mind or body resembled a slug—if you experienced problems in the areas of communication and travel—the reason might be due to the Mercury retrograde.

Astrologers forewarn certain situations during a Mercury retrograde: A few of these concerns are computer issues, misunderstandings in communications, and repair problems. Another warning is not to sign contracts or enter into binding commitments.

The good news! If Mercury retrograde, or whatever retrograde lands on your door step for a visit—remember you can glide through the cycle without unnecessary angst. Oops! According to astrologers, not possible. BUT they give recommendations to make the retros easier to take—for example:

Mercury Retrograde is a time to clean up your mountain of paper work—reorganization is encouraged. It’s a great time to reflect and to rethink. Complete the old stuff and make plans for the new stuff (just don’t act on any new ideas or plans until the retro is over).

Great ideas, especially since there are two more Mercury retros visiting in 2017, August 12th – September 5th, and December 2nd – December 22nd.

Now that we have a grasp of the power of retros: Should fear and the planet’s motions dictate our behavior? Is it sensible to be Chicken Little and run around shouting, “the sky is falling…the sky is falling!”

Perhaps not. Perhaps it’s wiser to follow an astrologer’s advice such as one of my favorite English astrologers, Steve Judd, who says, “pop it with a hat pin!”, and if that doesn’t work, spend a day organizing your cabinets and clean out the junk drawers—and end the day by meeting good friends at your favorite watering hole for Happy Hour. And yes, you can order a sarsaparilla as long as you relax and be happy!

My thoughts: If an astrologer’s guidance can help make our lives more peaceful during times of retro’s colossal ups and downs, and all things that give us a pain in our Uranus—I’m in-like-Flynn. And I have to say if I was offered a ten million dollar writing contract that had to be signed during a Mercury retrograde, you bet your sweet bippy, I am going to sign the contract—scrutinize—but I would not let that one slip by me. There might be alterations to make after the retro—so be it—I shall rejoice as I deposit the prodigious check and worry about the frustration of adjustments…later.

In Peace, Love, and Surviving Retros!

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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Many Lessons Learned from Remaining Calm in the Face of a BIG Boo-Boo

Clearing A Path For A Stronger You
By Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
April 2017
(3 to 5 minute read)

Somewhere between my third cup of coffee and plopping my head back on the pillow, I checked my cell phone. The log list (texts and calls) seemed to go on forever so I pressed the delete button to clear the path for new communication. All would have been good except I mistakenly deleted my contacts, not the logs. Technology challenged, I immediately called my carrier, and after an hour of allowing the agent on the other end to take control of my cell phone (checking the nooks n’ crannies supposedly hidden in The Cloud Ethers), I was told they were not able to retrieve the information.

I had not backed up anything—thought about it—but didn’t do it. From the words of screenwriter Eric Roth, Forrest Gump, “Are you stupid or something!?”

Yes, I was stupid, but in my defense, a sleepy-stupid.

Moe and Curly decided to have a night cocked full of ruckus: Jumping, running, slurping their water, chopping on their food, digging in their box, (not depositing) just having fun digging for nuggets. Oh joy!

For those of you who have cat buddies, you understand their behavior…their nocturnal habits. And for those of you who don’t have cats, I’m guessing you might be thinking…now I know why!

What!? The thought of Felis Domesticus lurking your halls doesn’t sound appealing?

I jest a bit—cats are magnificent creatures, but there are moments when you want to send them back to Ancient Egypt where they can guard King Tutankhamun’s treasures and let you rest in peace!

I was pooped.

If this BIG Boo-Boo happened a couple of years ago, I might have put on a fireworks display fit for Her Majesty The Queen. But the interesting thing was, I felt…calm.

Calm! Shouldn’t I be panicking!?

For a few moments, I thought about mimicking Jessica Parker’s character, Carry Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and freak-out just as she did on the episode when her computer crashed. “Oh my God! Oh my God! …my whole life was on that computer!” or in my case, “Oh my God! Oh my God! All my contacts were on my phone!”

Then I thought, not good to lose it, let’s leave the drama to Hollywood where it belongs.

I returned to my calm state.

Then an awakening.

Was it possible many of my contacts needed to go bye-bye? Was I in need of a cleansing? Was it time to release some of my “old” friends and work contacts and refresh them with people that mirror who I am today and not yesterday? The answer was a definite YES!

There can be many lessons from this story—perhaps as simple as: BACK-UP your work. DON’T press the delete button when you are tired or upset. THINK before you press a command.

Or perhaps the lesson is one of the irritating clichés: Everything happens for a reason, or every cloud has a silver lining. Nope…no annoying, overused thoughts.

For me, the lesson is similar to opening my closet in search of a I-know-you-are-in-there-somewhere garment—only to discover it’s no where to be found. Is it lost? Or is it time to organize the closet? For sure, not a fun task, but I know loosing twenty plus pounds of “stuff” will make me feel like a levitating feather against a sky of blue. Liberty! The unnecessary baggage emptied. And the result: A feeling of empowerment.

Next time something is lost or a situation has altered, take a moment to ponder; maybe the Universe is clearing a path for a stronger you. A more productive you. A happier you. And if not, let’s hope your cat buddies feel like a night of sleep, give you cuddles and help make everything in your world right again. If there is no Felis Domesticus to cuddle, there is always a good book to be read.

In Peace, Love, and Freedom!

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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The End of Self-Sabotage and the Beginning of Something Beautiful

Honor Yourself
By Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
March 2017
(3 to 5 minute read)

A brilliant display of fireworks glittered overhead as I welcomed the new year. I was full of joy and wonderment, and grateful for the many blessings last year gifted. After a Happy New Year’s smooch from my sweetheart, I continued to watch the fireworks and quietly contemplated how I could have made my year more exuberant, less fearful, and more peaceful.

And then I remembered a recent conversation with my dear friend Rita. Rita was going through hard times. I mean the bottom-of-the-barrel times, where at moments she was certain it was the end of happiness. She felt her life was ridiculous and not of great value.

Despite Rita’s difficult circumstances, she found the strength to embrace a profound, new way of thinking. A new way to guide her life. A new way to make choices. Rita decided to honor herself. To choose a life free of emotional chains. Free of self-put-downs. Free of burdens that were no longer hers to carry. She was committed to the pursuit of a healthier mind and body. Rita told me she was going to hold onto her new revelation as a Queen reigns her Kingdom.

Rita’s epiphany caused me to ask a golden question — was I truly honoring myself? The answer was, (sort-of…sometimes…ahhh…well…iffy). And then I thought, what does honoring yourself mean?

On most days, I like myself. I’m happy. Then there are the days when I’m a bit out of sorts. It could be from a trivial happening — for example a bad hair day when my darling hair-fairies had one heck of a party the night before. Or I’m crabby and just want to sit on the beach in solitude, writing silly poetry: “To be grumpy? Or not to be grumpy? That is a good question!?”

But does liking yourself mean honoring yourself?

I try to follow Louise L. Hay’s suggestion to look at yourself in the mirror and say, I Love and approve of myself. However, this practice can be a challenge. It’s like sending yourself a Valentine. Pretending you are Penelope Pussycat, “Le mew…Le purrrrrr”, and you are also Pepé Le Pew, smothering Penelope Pussycat (yourself) with kisses, “muah…muah…muah!” An interesting idea? An entertaining idea?

But does telling yourself that you love and approve of yourself mean you are honoring yourself?









My questions and I went on a walk along a wood-chipped path through an organic garden. The garden hosted a stunning array of vegetables, fruit trees, and sunflowers — complemented by patches of purple and pink wild flowers. Tall trees protected parts of the garden from the afternoon’s heat as ladybugs, bees and butterflies help create a plot of enchantment.

I observed a kaleidoscope of butterflies pollinate while the sun brightened their vibrant wings of yellow and black — it was then — I was given the answer: Honoring yourself, for me, meant having a loving relationship with myself; not a narcissistic relationship, but a loving connection, an honorable bond between me and me. I was to be my BFF (best friend forever). If someone is truly your best friend, you can tell them just about anything and they will continue to love you. To cherish you. It was a brilliant moment when I realized how vital I was to myself, and I understood how important it was to need myself, to nourish myself. To give myself lots of love and kindness. I also understood that it was my choice to make — no one else could or should be allowed to interfere. Louise was right; I was ready to send myself a gorgeous Valentine.

I share this story in hope that you will ask yourself the same two questions:

Am I honoring myself? And what does honoring myself mean?

Only you know the correct answers. And when answering these questions, please remember you are an amazing being, and only you can make the changes necessary to honor yourself, to love yourself.

Invite this year to be the end of self-sabotage and the beginning of something so beautiful it transforms you in ways thought only to be in your dreams. Allow honoring yourself to be a priority. A guide to increased spiritual power. Let us all find this magnificent centering so that we may be a better force in our world, and in the world.

In peace, love, and a new, wonderful year, and a new, wonderful you!

 © Beach T. Weston 2017

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Where iz et Your Hiding Place Mon Cherie!?

by Beach T. Weston
“Just Beachie Column”
February 2017

L’amour! Love, sweet love. And this is the month to express it freely. If you need inspiration, Pepé Le Pew will be happy to be your guide, for the sweet-smelling skunk never fails to win his true love’s heart. Whoops! Maybe I should have said he never fails to pursue his true love’s heart. No matter her rejections, Pepe remains unwavering in the quest for kisses from his beautiful Cherie.

“We are inseparable…are we not darling!?” smooches Pepé as he tries to convince the object of his affection, Penelope Pussycat, that his only desire is to make love to her in the Casbah.

     “Eney, meeny, miny, moe,
     Catch a lover by the toe.
     If she holler hold her closer,
     Eney, meeny, miny, moesa.
     O-U-T! spells I LOVE YOU!”

Could it be that Pepe is truly in love? Or is he just in love with love? Amoureux de l’amour.

Like so many of us, I think we are just in love with love, which isn’t a bad thing unless of course you hookup with the Tasmanian Devil and allow them to swirl so quickly through your romantic life that by the time they depart you feel as if a tornado has imploded your heart. Your emotions splintered and scattered in the after mass.

But even after Taz encounters of the worst kind, love is delightful! Love gives you the sensation of bouncing on fluffy pink clouds. Love makes life good. Love makes life fun! Love helps us endure hard times and celebrate good times.

Hard-knocks have given many a heart pain, mine included, and yet, I still believe in love. I believe in the magic of love. It is the only true power in the world. A divine presence. A heavenly force.

Let February be the month we enjoy the philosophy of Pepé Le Pew, and follow your romantic heart: slip into something more comfortable, pop the bubbly and sing words of love to your Cherie.

In Peace and L’amour

© Beach T. Weston 2017

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