Blame it on the Retrograde!


Blame it on the Retrograde!
by Beach T. Weston
Just Beachie Column
Spring 2018 

(Reposted for 2018 Mercury Retrogrades:
March 23rd to April 15th
July 26th to August 19th
November 17th to December 6th)
(3 to 5 minute read)


Have you been feeling somewhat out-of-sorts lately? Projects stalled? Communication faux pas? Did you send a saucy text that was meant for your Cousin Lou, but instead you sent it to your Aunt Mildred, whom you’ve nicknamed Aunt Prude? Or maybe out-of-the-blue you remembered an old flame—someone so icky that if you had to do it over again you would rather eat the poisonous apple the Witch offered Snow White?

Let’s blame it on the retrograde!

I hear your questions: What in the blazes is a retrograde!? And why blame an astrological phenomenon?

In the astrological world, there are certain times of the year when planets appear to travel backwards. Astrologers say it’s an illusion, a planet’s motion, which they refer to as retrogrades.

Retros, can stir up all kinds of snags and hiccups. The Mercury retrogrades can be humdingers. If at times you feel confused—frustrated—if your mind or body resembles a slug—if you experience problems in the areas of communication and travel—the reason might be due to Mercury retrogrades.

Astrologers forewarn certain situations during a Mercury retrograde: A few of these concerns are computer issues, misunderstandings in communications, and repair problems. Another warning is not to sign contracts or enter into binding commitments.

The good news! If Mercury retrograde, or whatever retrograde lands on your door step for a visit—remember you can glide through the cycle without unnecessary angst. Oops! According to astrologers, not possible. BUT they give recommendations to make the retros easier to take—for example:

Mercury Retrograde is a time to clean up your mountain of paper work—reorganization is encouraged. It’s a great time to reflect and to rethink. Complete the old stuff and make plans for the new stuff (just don’t act on any new ideas or plans until the retro is over).

Great ideas, especially since there are three Mercury retros visiting in 2018, March 23rd to April 15th, July 26th to August 19th, and November 17th to December 6th.

Now that we have a grasp of the power of retros: Should fear and the planet’s motions dictate our behavior? Is it sensible to be Chicken Little and run around shouting, “the sky is falling…the sky is falling!”

Perhaps not. Perhaps it’s wiser to follow an astrologer’s advice such as one of my favorite English astrologers, Steve Judd, who says, “pop it with a hat pin!”. And if that doesn’t work, spend a day organizing your cabinets and clean out the junk drawers—and end the day by meeting good friends at your favorite watering hole for Happy Hour. And yes, you can order a sarsaparilla as long as you relax and feel gratitude.

My thoughts: If an astrologer’s guidance can help make our lives more peaceful during times of retro’s colossal ups and downs, and all things that give us a pain in our Uranus—I’m in-like-Flynn. And I have to say if I was offered a ten million dollar contract that had to be signed during a Mercury retrograde, you bet your sweet bippy, I am going to sign the contract—scrutinize—but I would not let that one slip by me. There might be alterations to make after the retro—so be it—I shall rejoice as I deposit the prodigious check and worry about the possible frustration of adjustments…later.

In Peace, Love, and Surviving Retros!

© Beach T. Weston 2018

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