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Welcome to the Just Beachie Column!

Aloha vegans, vegetarians and carnivores.
Yes, carnivores are welcome!
I don’t believe that everyone can magically transform into vegetarians or Vegans, nor do I believe that meat eaters are bad people. Goodness…I use to be a carnivore myself. As a child I devoured Southern Fried Chicken, hot dogs, and steaks. My Mother frequently chased me away from the raw hamburger she was preparing for the barbecue. Oh and on occasion I dipped snails or to be “proper” (escargot) in rich, garlic butter. OMG!
To my blessing, I have always had a great love of nature and critters, and after I learned of the diabolical processing of our food sources: steriod hormone drugs, and chemicals with big words that I simply could not pronounce…I quit eating anything that once had eyeballs.
Over thirty years later, I continue to be a happy herbivore and advocate of (plant based) raw food, and believe what you eat governs the quality of your life and our planet.
The (monthly) “just beachie column” will give you entertainment, inspire discussion, and encourage a compassionate relationship to yourself, to others, to animals, and the Earth.
I work on my website and my column the same way I craft as a Zen Artist—by allowing whatever inspiration comes forth in the moment. All posts, and the “just beachie column” will be short n’ sweet to complement your busy lives.
Mahalo (thank you) for joining me on my creative journey.
Hui Hoi!



In case you haven’t had a laugh today…


Yes, it’s me in the WTF? photo.
I’m Scuba Diving Hawaiʻi style with my pet Sharkeyta. We love to go diving together. My friends don’t like to join us. Hmmmmm…I don’t understand. Sharkeyta doesn’t like human PuPus.


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