Welcome to the “Just Beachie Column”

A seasonal column delightfully sprinkled with entertainment and light humor—written to inspire discussion, encourage a compassionate relationship to yourself, to others, to animals, and to the Earth.

 The “Just Beachie Column” is short n’ sweet (a 3 to 5 minute read) to complement your busy lives.

 Mahalo (thank you!) for joining me on my creative journey.

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In case you haven’t had a laugh today…

WTFwithsharkI’m Scuba Diving Hawaiʻi style with my pet Sharkeyta. We love to go diving together. My friends don’t like to join us.  Hmmmmm…I don’t understand. Sharkeyta doesn’t like human PuPus.


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Bch Honu Framed


BCh Beach's Nest Framed